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    Canadian Floating Fence Corp.
Makers of the XBOOMtm Aquatic Barrier System

XBOOM enlisted by City of Edmonton

for ITU World Triathlon 2015 Event

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October 26, 2015

Thanks to the Fireboat Crew members from the Vancouver, B.C. Fire Department for their Assessment Launch and Tow Test of the XBOOM Aquatic Barrier System.  

                          100 linear feet (30 metres) of XBOOM Spill Containment Barrier Deployed
                                        at False Creek in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

                  Getting to the "Spill" at 8 Knots...


Press Release | Mon Oct 26, 2015 6:30am EDT Robix to Co-Market XBOOM(R) Floating Fence Oil Containment Products
* Reuters is not responsible for the content in this press release.

Robix to Co-Market XBOOM(R) Floating Fence Oil Containment Products

LETHBRIDGE, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - Oct 26, 2015) - Robix Alternative Fuels, Inc. ("Robix" or the "Company") (CSE:RZX)(FRANKFURT:R0X) announced today that it has entered into a Joint Marketing Agreement with Canadian Floating Fence Corporation (CFFC), a private Canadian Corporation based in Calgary, Alberta. CFFC is the developer, intellectual property owner and manufacturer of XBOOM® Floating Fence and associated XBOOM® gear. The parties have found their respective lines of environmental protection products to be extremely complimentary and have agreed to share marketing efforts and represent the other party's products in specific territories and vertical markets.

The XBOOM® is a complementary product to Robix C Series and P Series product lines. Simply put the XBOOM® is a floating fence that is made of material that allows water to pass through it while trapping and containing oil. A recipient of the ASTECH award for environmental technological advances, the XBOOM® can be deployed in any body of water, including oceans, lakes and settling ponds. When used in conjunction with Robix products, the XBOOM® traps oil and directs it toward the contra rotating drums of the Robix C or P Series units, enabling these units to more efficiently pick up oil from the surface of the water. CFFC will be demonstrating the XBOOM® with the Vancouver fire department at the Burrard Civic Marina on Monday, 26 October at 9 AM. Interested parties are invited to contact CFFC at

"The XBOOM® fence is an excellent product. In the C Series application, with a simple deployment it essentially contains the oil for us rather than us having to chase the oil on the water," commented Nathan Hansen, President and CEO of Robix Fuels. "This makes picking up the oil faster and easier. In the case of the C Series, which is our oil spill recovery vessels, improving our response time to recover spilt oil from bodies of water is critical as the longer it sits on the surface the more environmental damage is done and the more difficult mechanical recovery becomes. In the case of the P Series we are focused on recovering oil in settling ponds at oil production facilities. In that case, our customers are paying us to shorten the time it takes to get that oil from the ponds into the refinery for processing. In both cases times is money for us and our customers."

"Our XBOOM® product is excellent at containing oil, while the Robix C and P Series product lines are exceptional at recovering oil from the surface of water. The two technologies are a perfect fit and we see a number of applications for the combined product offering globally," commented Stephen Neal, CEO of CFFC.

Robix's C Series clean ocean vessels are scalable oil spill recovery vessels. The small end C10 can recover up to 10 m3/hr while the C20, C40 and C80 increase proportionally to the medium sized C160. Larger sizes are available on request. The C Series is capable of efficiently and effectively recovering oil in rough and debris laden sea conditions due to its rugged design and stable platform. Where other conventional mechanical oil recovery systems quite often fail in anything more than calm waters, the C160 can operate in waves up to 8 feet, depending on the size of the vessel.

The Robix P Series is a stationary platform that was developed for settling pond applications. The P Series uses the patented drum technology to siphon oil from the surface of the ponds within oil production facilities. The recovered oil is then processed at the customer's facility. The Company's first model is the P140, which has an oil recovery rate of 140 m3/hr. On October 20, 2015 Robix announced it had received technical and legal approval from Petroleos Mexicanos ("Pemex") to lease the P Series Units. The CFFC product has been submitted as part of the P Series program with Pemex.

About CFFC Limited

Canadian Floating Fence Corporation (CFFC) is a private Canadian Corporation based in Calgary, Alberta. CFFC is the developer, intellectual property owner and manufacturer of XBOOM® Floating Fences and associated XBOOM® gear. For further information please contact CFFC at

About Robix Alternative Fuels

The Corporation is an "industrial products/technology" company, which has developed an oil spill recovery vessel with the capability to recover oil not only in rough and debris laden sea conditions but also in more contained environments such as lakes, rivers and tailings ponds. Robix has recognized a worldwide market opportunity for effective containment, recovery and disposal equipment, particularly in the oil spill protection industry. The business model is focused on Robix becoming a large-scale provider of services and/or equipment under licensing arrangements with other industry participants, wherein Robix will use its patented design solution.

No stock exchange or any securities regulatory body has reviewed the contents of this news release.

This news release may contain certain forward-looking information. All statements included herein, other than statements of historical fact, are forward-looking information and such information involves various risks and uncertainties. There can be no assurance that such information will prove to be accurate, and actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such information. A description of assumptions used to develop such forward-looking information and a description of risk factors that may cause actual results to differ materially from forward-looking information can be found in the company's disclosure documents on the SEDAR website at The Corporation does not undertake to update any forward-looking information except in accordance with applicable securities laws.

Robix Alternative Fuels Inc.
Nathan Hansen
President & CEO
Robix Alternative Fuels Inc.
Robin Ray
Chief Financial Officer
The Howard Group
Jeff Walker
(403) (888) 221-0915
The Howard Group
Brad Dryer
(403) (888) 221-0915

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LINKED IN Posting by Oil Spill Brasil 
Oil Spill Brasil

Coordenador Operacional na Alpina Briggs Defesa Ambiental S/A



`Um excelente produto. Na aplicação da Série C, com uma implementação simples que contém essencialmente o óleo para nós, em vez de ter que nos perseguem o óleo sobre a água ", comentou Nathan Hansen, Presidente e CEO de Combustíveis ROBIX. "Isso faz com que pegar o óleo mais rápido e mais fácil. No caso da Série C, que é a nossa navios de Recuperação de derramamento de óleo, melhorar o nosso tempo de resposta para recuperar o óleo derramado a partir de corpos de água é crítica quanto mais tempo ele fica na superfície o mais danos ambientais é feito e a recuperação mecânica mais difícil torna-se. No caso da série P estamos focados na recuperação de óleo em tanques de decantação em instalações de produção de petróleo. Nesse caso, os nossos clientes estão a pagar-nos para encurtar o tempo que leva para obter esse óleo das lagoas na refinaria para o processamento. Em ambos os casos vezes é dinheiro para nós e nossos clientes 
"." Nosso produto é excelente na XBOOM® contendo óleo, enquanto as linhas de produtos da série P Robix C e são excepcionais na recuperação de óleo da superfície da água. As duas tecnologias são um ajuste perfeito e nós vemos um número de aplicações para o produto combinado oferecendo globalmente ", comentou Stephen Neal, presidente da CFFC. 
Série C navios oceano limpo de ROBIX são derramamento de óleo navios de recuperação escaláveis. O pequeno C10 final pode recuperar até 10 m3 / h, enquanto o C20, C40 e C80 aumentar proporcionalmente ao tamanho médio C160. Tamanhos maiores estão disponíveis sob pedido. A Série C é capaz de forma eficiente e eficaz recuperação de óleo em condições de mar agitado e detritos carregados devido ao seu design robusto e plataforma estável.Onde outros sistemas convencionais de recuperação de óleo mecânicas muito frequentemente falham em nada mais do que as águas calmas, o C160 pode operar em ondas até 8 pés, dependendo do tamanho do vaso.  
A série P Robix é uma plataforma estacionária que foi desenvolvido para resolver lagoa aplicações. A série P utiliza a tecnologia patenteada tambor para sifão óleo da superfície dos tanques dentro de instalações de produção de petróleo. O óleo recuperado é então processado nas instalações do cliente. O primeiro modelo da Companhia é o P140, que tem uma taxa de recuperação de óleo de 140 m3 / h. Em 20 de outubro de 2015 Robix anunciou que tinha recebido a aprovação técnica e jurídica de Petroleos Mexicanos ("Pemex") a locação das unidades P Series.

News Release:  Canadian Floating Fence's   XBOOM
Placed 2nd (out of 1200 Nominations) at the 2014 ASTech Awards for Outstanding Achievement
in Environmental Technology and Innovation!       

The Results are Off-the-Charts!
The picture below shows how our XBOOM Barrier Mesh Hybrid
holds out 94%+ of Crude Oil during SAIT Polytechnic Oil
Spill Lab Tests,  while allowing water to flow through

March 8, 2013

 In an applied research partnership with ARIS, the Canadian Floating Fence Corporation (CFFC) is working with Ariel Ginzburg, M. Eng., EIT, Environmental Technologies, ARIS, and SAIT, to conduct third party technology verification on an innovative containment boom that can be rapidly deployed into any surface water body to effectively contain an oil spill and protect adverse environmental impacts. Not all Hydrocarbon boom containment systems have an effective oil-spill emergency-response technology capable of rapidly deploying, containing and recovering an oil spill effectively from a turbulent surface water body such as a lake or river or any coastal aquatic environment.

CFFC's innovative solution, XBOOM, is a fully patented technology, comprising a supported mesh filter which is capable of physically separating water and oil and withstanding the forces of the surrounding wind and waves durably. The XBOOM filters large and small floating objects, bitumen and crude oil, and other water-borne debris. This versatile technology is projected to be an effective hydrocarbon spill containment tool on rivers, lakes or oceans; amidst wind and water currents; diverting, redirecting and ultimately containing the effluent in preparation for skimming and recovery. In a world thirsty for fossil-fuel-based energy, proactive measures can be taken to effectively contain accidental oil spills and transfer them safely to on-site collection systems.







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