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    Canadian Floating Fence Corp.
Makers of the XBOOMtm Aquatic Barrier System

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Technology to Watch for in 2012

Five Industry Innovators!


    Business is XBOOM-ing!
"Tsunami Debris" & HydroCarbon
Spill Containment Fence
Launched in Vancouver Harbour, British Columbia

 We are Proud to launch our Biggest  2.5 metre (8')

XBOOM ... Floating Debris and

Hydro-Carbon Fences 

2.5 m spars with 60 cm (2')of Debris Mesh above

and 60 cm Below the water line

    Custom Designed to withstand Large waves, Big winds

and Loads of Oil and Debris!

The XBOOM will enable "Control, Direct and Collect" capabilities in key areas that need to be protected from Debris that approach the Water intakes, shores and marinas up and down your precious coasts. 


   Lease, Rent or Purchase yours today and start protecting your Beaches and Boats!


XBOOM  Cleaned up Algae Blooms at Rainbow Lagoon, Long Beach, California   in Hours vs. Days    
Working with our Great friend Lenny Arkinstall 
of  Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority (Contracting for the City of Long Beach)  along with Stephen and Mark Neal of CFFC.              


     Truly  'Reflecting Environmental Stewardship...                   
       the name is actually half underwater



 Duke Energy - Buck Steam Electric Plant - 17 Years of Service!                         600 ft Boom Installation + 2 Pictures on the Yadkin River      This project required the installation of our Military grade filter fence in order to create a "Current Control".  This made the environmental groups very happy  because it eliminated a permanent earthen berm from having to be built.   Other benefits occurred such as lowering the intake temperature several degrees because the floating fence reduced the hot water release from circling back to the intakes.  


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    Also decreased the Primary intake filters from having to be changed or cleaned as often.  Oh yeh!, and the 100 year flood...  2 weeks after the installation, stopping dead animals, a Volkswagen, every conceivable container and a live motorboat that went up and over the mesh...only to stall the propeller with ...

No Damage to the XBOOM fence. 

Service life: 17 Years with little to No Maintenance.

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