Competition Booms in Action Competition Booms in Action The Spill...Driving in circles collecting nothing... Gulf of Mexico Oil spill. 3 Boats pulling traditional horizontal booms that allow the oil to escape under the bottom edge when towed. Less than 3% of the total 50 million barrels of the spill was reported to have been captured! 152143229 Menacing Oil Slick... What's Wrong with this Picture? The Boat isn't pulling any Funtional Boom behind it! photo by: Edward Burtynsky 84291765 Large boats required for Deployment These Booms require inflation first and large amounts of man power to launch. We count 16 for the approximate 1000 feet 152143230 I love these Guys...working hard, Smoking... 9 men holding about 25 feet 152143231 Kalamazoo River, Michigan Water and Oil simply aren't stopped by this form of booming... 152143232 Morrow Lake, Michigan Towing traditional 8" round Absorbent booms doesn't seem to collect anything... 152143233 169369487 169369489 169369490 169369491 169369492