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     Canadian Floating Fence Corp.
Manufacturers of the XBOOMtm Barrier System

News Release:  Canadian Floating Fence's   XBOOM
Placed 2nd (out of 1200 Nominations) at the 2014 ASTech Awards for Outstanding Achievement
in Environmental Technology and Innovation!       


The Results are Off-the-Charts!
The picture below shows how our XBOOM Barrier Mesh Hybrid
holds out 94%+ of Crude Oil during SAIT Polytechnic Oil
Spill Lab Tests,  while allowing water to flow through

March 8, 2013

 In an applied research partnership with ARIS, the Canadian Floating Fence Corporation (CFFC) is working with Ariel Ginzburg, M. Eng., EIT, Environmental Technologies, ARIS, and SAIT, to conduct third party technology verification on an innovative containment boom that can be rapidly deployed into any surface water body to effectively contain an oil spill and protect adverse environmental impacts. Not all Hydrocarbon boom containment systems have an effective oil-spill emergency-response technology capable of rapidly deploying, containing and recovering an oil spill effectively from a turbulent surface water body such as a lake or river or any coastal aquatic environment.

CFFC's innovative solution, XBOOM, is a fully patented technology, comprising a supported mesh filter which is capable of physically separating water and oil and withstanding the forces of the surrounding wind and waves durably. The XBOOM filters large and small floating objects, bitumen and crude oil, and other water-borne debris. This versatile technology is projected to be an effective hydrocarbon spill containment tool on rivers, lakes or oceans; amidst wind and water currents; diverting, redirecting and ultimately containing the effluent in preparation for skimming and recovery. In a world thirsty for fossil-fuel-based energy, proactive measures can be taken to effectively contain accidental oil spills and transfer them safely to on-site collection systems.